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Our Story




  From a young age, Matt Baker showed an interest in lights. His parents can remember him asking for lights and extension cords for his birthday and Christmas as well as constantly begging them to take him to see local light shows in the community. With wishes of creating his own light show, mixed with the reality of how expensive the equipment would be, Matt began thinking of ways to earn money in order to fund his dream.


The next two summers were spent mowing lawns as a way to earn money in order to purchase programming kits, lights, and professional equipment. Matt was able to set up a small display at his family home on the corner of Manchester Street and Foxhill Road. After many hours of working, researching, and programming, Matt’s dream became a reality when residents of Manchester Court pitched the idea of having a display with the cul-de-sac. In 2012 the Manchester Court Holiday Lights Show was born. The show consisted of 10,000 lights and 32 channels of computer animation, Matt was humbled and inspired by the outpouring support he received from the community and knew this was the beginning of a tradition. 

Every year donations are collected and given to an organization in the Naperville community.
The Manchester lights Show has raised funds for the Naperville Area Humane
Society and Corey’s Goal. This year, donations will be evenly split between Corey’s Goal and
the Alive Center.

What started as a way to earn money grew into Brookdale Landscaping and Lighting Inc.
while interest in lights turned into a passion for creating the Manchester Court Holiday Light
Show. The show and business now play a huge part in Matt’s life as well as his families and the
community. In 2018, an estimated forty thousand people came to view the Manchester Court Holiday Light Show and though Matt is now a freshman at Northern Illinois University, the show will continue
 to run as it brings Christmas cheer and reminds everyone what the holiday season is all about! 

Thank You

It goes without saying the show would not have been possible without the help of many wonderful individuals. The team spends all year preparing from plans and
designs, writing scripts, recording voiceovers, programming lights and music, setting up, and
taking down as well as all the other moving parts that go on during the shows. A special thank
you to the following individuals and families for making the Manchester Lights Show possible
and for helping spread the holiday spirit!


Bob Tully- Programmer 
Matt Berry- Video Production & Photography 

Margot Wagner - Media Editor

Paul Rodgers- Audio Specialist 
Tom Mefferd- Lighting Specialist
Tony and Paula Loret De Mola- Script Editors

Danielle Tufano- Voiceover 
Scott Mackay- Voiceover 
Nicki Anderson- Voiceover 
Maureen Walgren- Voiceover 
Kandice Henning - Voiceover 


Baker Family

Baranyk Family

Biewer Family

Drilling Family
Molyboga Family

Schumacher Family   

Yetter Family