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Thank You



It goes without saying the show would not have been possible without the help of many wonderful individuals. The team spends all year preparing plans,
 recording voice-overs, programming lights as well as all the other moving parts that go on during the shows. A special thank you to the following individuals and families for making the Manchester Lights Show possible and for helping spread the holiday spirit!

Bob Tully - Programmer 

Paul Rodgers - Audio Specialist 
Tom Mefferd - Lighting Specialist

Matt Berry - Video Production & Photography 
Tony and Paula Loret De Mola - Script Editors

Danielle Tufano - Voice-over 
Scott Mackay - Voice-over 
Nicki Anderson - Voice-over 
Maureen Walgren - Voice-over 
Kandice Henning - Voice-over 


A huge thank you to all the residents of Manchester Court for allowing us to take over the cul-de-sac and for their continued support!